Big Society: change for the better?

So what are we to believe: is David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ a big idea to change public life for the better – or just a sweetener to ease the bitterness of sweeping cuts in public spending? Whether the Big Society is either or both, our new PM is undoubtedly an agent for change although clearly […]

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Confessions of a reluctant blogger

For years I’ve been meaning to blog, but pulled back from the brink every time I’ve geared myself up to do it. There are a whole bunch of conscious reasons for this. For example: 1) Analogue generational – for someone not reared on social media, it just didn’t feel natural or intuitive. 2) Craft – the best of […]

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After the Storm
Tim Johns | 15 April 2020

I’ve never experienced a hurricane.  A real hurricane.  But I know people who have, including people who live on a main hurricane route.  For them, every year there is a hurricane season. And there’s the “once in ten years” hurricane. And then there’s the “once in 50 years” hurricane.  Forecasting nowadays is pretty accurate so […]

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