Equipping people to see and do things differently

Change comes from within isn’t just a nice philosophy. It’s also a practical guide to how we work.

Consultants usually get hired to do things that clients can’t do themselves. So the less the client thinks they’re capable of, the more work for the consultant. We think the opposite. We start from the assumption that organisations are rich with knowledge, creativity and goodwill – if only one can find a way to access it.

We have developed a number of approaches which combine our hard skills in strategic planning and research with soft skills in facilitation, mediation and coaching. We use these to engage people more productively and authentically – leading to smarter analysis, better ideas and a far greater chance of them being adopted successfully.

No two projects are ever exactly the same but typically most kick off through an enquiry phase, through stakeholder consultation or bespoke research. We use systems thinking to examine the wider context, not just the presenting problem, and strategic planning to establish where exactly you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. And we use co-creation to get your people, your customers and your partners involved in the process.

Our way of working isn’t just more effective and sustainable, it’s also faster and better value.

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