An antidote to traditional consultants

Change Agency is a research and consulting business that helps companies and non-profits to anticipate, plan and deliver change successfully.

Everything we do is based on the principle that change comes from within. It’s a simple but powerful proposition.

Many change initiatives don’t reach their objectives. They often fail because they’re imposed top-down by consultants with an over-reliance on process or on one particular solution.

We set up Change Agency to be different. We are outcomes-focused, but have no vested interest in implementation. We aim to make our clients self-sufficient, rather than dependent. We don’t copy and paste from other clients.

Above all, we listen rather than tell. And we do it with you rather than to you.

Jonathan Obermeister on what makes us different


Autumn Leaves
Tim Johns | 8 September 2016

Summer is over, annual leave has ended, Autumn is upon us, and it’s back to work. Despite the summer break it is all too easy to settle back into the same old routine and roll downhill to Christmas. All those dreams and ambitions of the summer, the wistful feelings of another way of living, all […]

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Brexit lessons in change management
Barry Clarke | 30 June 2016

Irrespective of which side we took in the referendum, it has provided valuable lessons in anticipating, planning and managing change which, after all, is our business at Change Agency. Remarkably, the political and economic lessons from this exercise in democracy resonate with the evidence we have gathered in helping companies and non-profit organisations to manage […]

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