An antidote to traditional consultants

Change Agency is a research and consulting business that helps companies to anticipate, plan and deliver change successfully.

Everything we do is based on the principle that change comes from within. It’s a simple but powerful proposition. We genuinely believe that the solutions to your problems already exist in your organisation.  Our role is to help you find them and to bring them to life.

Many change initiatives don’t reach their objectives. They often fail because they’re imposed top-down by consultants with an over-reliance on process or on one particular solution.

We set up Change Agency to be different. We are outcomes-focused, but have no vested interest in implementation. We aim to make our clients self-sufficient, rather than dependent. We don’t copy and paste from other clients.

Above all, we listen rather than tell. And we do it with you rather than to you.

Jonathan Obermeister on what makes us different


Listening is the new talking
Tim Johns | 6 July 2015

I was recently asked to put together a session to coach a group of senior executives to improve their communication skills. They are responsible for cascading important messages throughout their organisation and, it was felt, they could do with some support as often messages landed badly due to the way they were presented. The coaching […]

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Change the way you lead change
Tim Johns | 16 June 2015

When it comes to approaching change there are, it seems, two types: people like us who are forward thinkers, ready to embrace the opportunities of technology, and new ways of working and thinking; and them, who are happy with the way things are and perpetually stuck in old-fashioned ways. Joking aside, it is a topsy-turvy […]

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